Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. ½ a cup of goat’s milk (or 1 scoop of a goat’s milk powder + ½ a cup of water). Pomeranian breed expert Denise Leo of Dochlaggie fame. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If you’re anything like me, you like to get organic products at a reasonable price. The amount can be adjusted to the size and age of the dog, as well as the Pomeranian’s personal activity level. Her body prioritizes how and where nutrients are used and lactation and growth of the litter are top of the list. Growth is notably slowing or has stopped by this age and puppy formulas have a bit too much fat content at this point. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'spinningpom_com-box-4','ezslot_6',128,'0','0'])); There are a lot of great options out there when it comes to the best food for pregnant Pomeranians, but one of the best has to go to Orijen Freeze-Dried Adult Original Formula (link to read reviews on Amazon). If you know your dam has experienced issues with milk production in the past, you can feed her ½ a cup of goat’s milk each day during the pregnancy because it often has amazing results. The Pomeranian is considered to be a toy breed because it only stands 5 to 11 inches tall at maturity and weighs between 4 and 7 pounds. This means organic meat and bone. That’s why Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Grain-Free Dry Dog Food (link to read reviews on Amazon) is a product you should look at if this is the case.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'spinningpom_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',129,'0','0'])); This dog food by Natural Balance is formulated with a high amount of calories, protein, and nutrients that’ll fit well into your pregnant Pomeranian’s diet. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Those incredible, edible eggs are the ultimate health food, as they contain a little bit of almost … It needs to be high quality food and a well-balanced gestational diet, despite her nutritional needs only increasing marginally during the first half of her pregnancy. Are many years of testing different commercial dog food on the Dochlaggie Pomeranians, I recommend the following dog food for Pomeranians: Best Food for Pomeranian Puppy. Well, Honest Kitchen Human-Grade Organic Grain Chicken Dog Food (link to read reviews on Amazon) is an organic solution for your pregnant Pomeranian’s food. Acana doesn’t mess around with any grain, gluten, potatoes, or other ingredients since they want to focus solely on producing a high-quality, whole meat dog food. Breeders always watch for problems and they adjust the diet by improving aspects of the food they use, by volume and/or by quality and types. If she’s malnourished, she simply won’t have enough energy, minerals, vitamins and protein to enable her to carry the litter to term. The Pomeranian is a toy breed dog that comes from the long lineage of the Spitz breeds. Cold … If she doesn’t get enough of all the right nutrients before whelping and during lactation, serious problems may occur, possibly causing the death of one or more puppies. This dog food is an excellent choice for your pregnant Pomeranian and her puppies while also coming in at an affordable price. If you are looking for a grain-free food for your Pomeranian, Blue Buffalo Freedom is one of the best options. If my blog can help your Pomeranian or other dog breed live a happier and healthier life, I’ll know I’ve done my job! Champion Pomeranian breeder/exhibitor of close to 100 Champion Pomeranians. If the dam hasn’t been fed sufficient nutrients during pregnancy, the immune systems of her puppies and her own can be seriously affected. They are currently using Blue Buffalo. As a toy breed, the main thing you need to know about the Pomeranian is that, while he it may not need a large volume of food, the caloric density of his its diet is very important.Pomeranians also need high-quality ingredients to ensure digestibility and nutritional balance. The fatty fish earns its rep for being one of the best foods to eat while pregnant. Pregnant Pomeranians need a different kind of food than average adult Pomeranians, which includes various nutrients promoting a healthy puppy Pomeranian. If this is the case with your Pomeranian girl, it’s wisest to get her spayed and then give her to a pet home so she won’t have to endure such problems again. She may have physical issues that could jeopardize the pregnancy and whelping, along with any inheritable problems that could cause serious problems. Breeder and Exhibitor of Best in Show winning Supreme, Grand Champion and Champions. Let’s take a look at the best food for pregnant Pomeranians!eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'spinningpom_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',138,'0','0'])); If you already know your Pomeranian is pregnant, there’s no better time then now to start finding the right dog food for her. More specifically, their dog food, while not explicitly formulated for pregnant dogs, is a great choice for pregnant Pomeranians since it’s made from pure animal products, including real beef, chicken, and ocean whitefish. However, there have been times when the female dog has a severe deficiency of hormones and no supplements will overcome the issue. Giving her enough calories isn’t enough so you have to make sure her food has a minimum of 17% fat content. With a set of ingredients containing a large number of animal proteins, including chicken, turkey, herring, chicken liver, chicken heart, and much more, your pregnant Pomeranian will get plenty of calories and nutrients to support the development of her Pomeranian puppies. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Cans, Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Salmon 24-lb, Acana Grain Free Dog Food, Red Meat, Ranch-Raised Beef, Yorkshire Pork, Grass-Fed Lamb, 13lb, Royal Canin Starter Mother And Babydog Dry Dog Food, Honest Kitchen Human-Grade Organic Grain Chicken Dog Food, Orijen Freeze-Dried Adult Original Formula, Taste of the Wild High Protein Real Meat Premium Dry Dog Food, Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, Purina Beyond Grain-Free Natural Adult Wet Dog Food, Blue Buffalo Wilderness High-Protein Grain-Free Natural Adult Dog Food, Acana Dog Protein-Rich Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food. My Pomeranians absolutely love the food from Blue Buffalo. They have high energy levels and require food at regular intervals. The most famous thing that almost every Pomeranian owner knows not to give their Pommy is chocolate! It will also be comprised of fluids such as: amniotic fluids and water, as well as the amniotic sacs that encase each individual foetus. All Rights Reserved. As with performance and growth, the reproduction cycle is a physiological state and has specific nutritional demands that are far greater than a typical maintenance phase. The larger the number of puppies, the more need there is for milk and the nutrients required. Secondly, it’s made from whole-grain-feed, free-range, organic chicken, which means your Pomeranian won’t be taking in any obscure fillers and additives during her pregnancy. By focusing on dog food that contains raw, all-natural ingredients, Orijen has set itself apart from other dog food brands. This combination of proteins makes this dog food perfect for adult Poms as well as puppies. Milk letdown can be another problem. Learn how to quickly cook healthy, best dog food for Pomeranians. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Bring water and food to her if she won’t move. What’s the Difference Between a Pomeranian and a Teddy Bear Pomeranian? Breeders entice them to eat by giving them all sorts of treats including: roast chicken breast, ice-cream, special cat food, puppy meal replacements and a variety of home-made mixtures. • Week 1 of lactation: increase food amount times 1.5.• Week 2 of lactation: increase food amount times 2.• Week 3 of lactation: increase food amount times 3. If the female dog isn’t fed the right way, her health (and the health of her litter) may be impaired in many ways including: • Low conception rates and birth defects.• Difficulty carrying the whole litter to term.• Trouble during labor.• Problems with mammary development (thus affecting the volume and quality of colostrum and milk produced. The first five ingredients in the food are: duck, chicken meal, chicken, oatmeal, and pearled barley. Chicken, hamburg, liver, fish, Italian meals, snacks, tummy trouble meals, hypoallergenic meals and much more. Their formula aims to improve your Pomeranian’s gestation, lactation, and growth during pregnancy. Made with real meat sourced from bison, your Pomeranian will get the optimal amount of calories, protein, amino acids, and more to ensure the healthy development of her Pomeranian puppies. Not only that, but their ingredients come from locally owned suppliers, such as regional farms and ranches around the Kentucky area of the USA. The test will also check to see if she has low blood protein or is anemic. The smartest thing to do is feed her 2-3 times a day so she still gets sufficient nutrients throughout the entire pregnancy period. They don’t put in any grain, corn, or wheat fillers, and exclude any artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. She must be given all the correct vaccinations, as determined by the vet. It’s all measured as dry weight, not based on calories. All Rights Reserved. The vet needs to assess and treat her for external and internal parasites that may affect her health and/or could be passed onto her litter. Promoting and improving the Pomeranian Dog since 1975. Changes will generally be made to her diet, in the amounts and also the quality of foods she eats to help her achieve the ideal weight. Royal Canin is a premium brand, known for its high quality, breed specific products. Answers to everything related to one of the cutest breeds of dogs in the world. After your dam has become pregnant, her diet should improve even more. Pomeranian breed expert Denise Leo of Dochlaggie fame. It contains the proper percentages of protein, fat, and carbs to support your pup’s health and energy needs. Home cooking for Pomeranians. I have friends who work for pet places and rescues, and they are quite passionate about quality food. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your dog. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Information and facts about Pomeranian dogs. Champion Pomeranian puppies Melbourne, Australia. Your Pomeranian's body will be needing these extra calories as her body begins milk production. Acana Dog Protein-Rich Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food (link to read reviews on Amazon) is a very nutrient-dense, high-protein, high-calorie food for dogs, which means it’s a fantastic option for pregnant Pomeranians and other dogs. It’s common for her appetite to decrease late in the period because her abdomen becomes distended. High quality ingredients from top quality sources is what you will receive in each bag of Wellness dog food. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food, Sweet Potato & Venison Formula, 26 Pounds, Grain Free, Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural Pate Wet Dog Food Variety Pack, Grain Free Ground Entree - (2 Pack of 6) 13 oz. It contains a variety of wholesome proteins, including venison, lamb, duck, egg, and fish. However, the amount you would feed your pregnant Pomeranian isn’t any different than a normal adult Pomeranian. Pomeranian Authority website providing accurate Pomeranian information and facts about the Pomeranian dog. So you must ensure she gets more than enough nutrition so she can maintain a good weight while the puppies suckle. protein, real meats such as lamb, chicken, beef, salmon, bison, etc are used. Pomeranians are officially adults at the one-year mark; however, the age to switch a Pomeranian from puppy food to adult food can be a bit earlier, at the 9 to 10-month mark. Best diet for Pom dogs from 12 months of age to senior Poms is homemade dog food for Pomeranians. Without a proper diet consisting of high-quality dog food, both the mom and her pups could become malnourished. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'spinningpom_com-leader-1','ezslot_11',141,'0','0'])); There’s no question that getting your pregnant Pomeranian high-quality dog food means you’ll be spending a bit more than on normal dog food. Aug 26, 2020 - Pomeranian Food Recipes. You need to increase your dam’s food consumption gradually so it’s 15-25% higher than normal when it comes time for whelping. If this describes her diet, then she should cope well with the rigors of growing puppies and lactation. This will also to help them remain healthy during that initial few weeks of life. I currently own a Pomeranian girl who, sadly, can’t make enough milk to satisfy her litter. A female dog must have the ability for sufficient production of milk even prior to conception. In addition to foods such as chocolate, caffeine, onions, garlic, coffee, raisins, … If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality food for your pregnant Pomeranian, look no further.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'spinningpom_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_13',142,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'spinningpom_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_14',142,'0','1'])); Similar to other dog food brands on this list, I’ve referenced Blue Buffalo quite a bit on my blog since they make great food products for dogs. Rather than using wheat and corn, holistic dog foods incorporate whole grains such as … It can happen during any part of the reproductive cycle. This product is as popular as their others and for good reason. Using these foods is the main cause of malnutrition. She may be out of shape and thin when she’s whelped, and not have enough body-fat and muscle reserves to handle lactation. FirstMate Small Bites Australian Lamb Meal Formula LID Dry Food. Honest Kitchen is truly a great brand for dog owners of all types, but especially for pregnant dogs. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Herbs such as: goat’s rue, fennel seed, milk thistle, hops flower, fenugreek and red raspberry leaf. I’ve lived a life surrounded by all kinds of pets and my favorite pet pals have always been my Poms. She will exhaust all her reserves to support that action, often risking her own health at the same time. 5) About a month into the pregnancy, a pregnant Pom's appetite will begin to increase. We’ve all heard of the Purina brand, but Purina Beyond is different as it’s an extension of the existing brand into higher quality dog products. However, the most hazardous time is in the later part of pregnancy when her body’s demand for proper nutrition is at its peak. Lactation does need lots of calcium but using supplements throughout the pregnancy period won’t stop a depletion of calcium when lactating (aka eclampsia) and could make the problem far worse. Calcium supplements should only be provided in the form of feeding more dairy products e.g. Apart from their dog food being made from limited ingredients to ensure a reduction in allergic reactions, their products are also tested by microbiologists and chemists. Enriched, whole-grain breads and cereals are fortified with folic acid and iron and have more fiber than white bread and rice. If your female dog does usually create enough milk, give her some premium foods and a tablespoon of cottage cheese or plain yoghurt. It’s common for a dam’s malnourishment not to be obvious until it’s too late. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition… Wellness. Finding the Best Dry Food Analyze the first three ingredients. Take a look at our round up for the best dog food for Pomeranians. Solid Gold Mighty Mini Food Get off to a good start with these pregnancy super foods. Best Food for Pregnant Pomeranian Milk letdown can be another problem. This blend provides antioxidants and quality protein for muscle development. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Small Starter Mother And Babydog Dry Dog Food, 15 Lb, The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Chicken Dog Food 10 lb - Revel, Orijen Freeze-Dried Adult Original Formula, 16 oz, Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe High Prairie Premium Dry Dog Food, Natural Balance L.I.D. Truly a trustworthy brand! Hi! Some new mothers will be anorexic after being whelped but it only lasts a couple of days. By giving them high-calorie, high-protein, dog food, your pregnant Pomeranian and her Pomeranian puppies will have a healthy beginning together. Overall Best Food for Pomeranians: Though it is very expensive, this FirstMate Small Bites Australian Lamb Meal Formula LID Dry Food is worth every penny if your Pomeranian has food allergies or you simply want to feed him the highest quality diet you can afford. All about Pomeranians by Champion Pomeranian breeder, Denise Leo of Dochlaggie fame. There are four ways malnourishment can occur: There are two main goals of a good quality diet: Another guide for increasing her intake of food above the maintenance amount is this way: How to Feed Your Pomeranian Mother to Produce More Milk, Final Thoughts on Best Dog Food for Nursing Mother Pomeranians, Purchase the Pomeranian Handbook by Denise Leo. This is a process where milk moves from the upper section of the milk secretion gland to the lower part where the nipple is ready for the puppies to suckle. If the bitch takes in too much vitamin D or calcium, it may calcify soft tissue in the fetus, and cause other possible defects. Without including any grain, corn, wheat, or soy, Purina Beyond has entirely avoided the use of fillers while producing a high-calorie, high-protein, high-quality dog food. If you have concerns about your new mother not drinking sufficient amounts of fluid feed warm canned puppy food mixed with milk to a very sloppy mixture for a few days. This recipe features a single source of novel protein (Australian … During pregnancy and in the short period after birth, a dam drains her nutritional stockpile. However, it’s important to ensure good health and wellness of your Pomeranian and her pups. This premium dog food by Taste of the Wild is a fantastic choice for pregnant Pomeranians since it contains a high dosage of calories and protein. To make dry food more palatable and to add variety, mix in a small amount of canned food for best results. Supplement the Pomeranian’s diet with high protein foods, adding some at each regular feeding. Their dog food is also sourced from a single animal (venison), so you can avoid any allergies your Pomeranian might have. If she’s eating food, she needs three meals per day. puppy milk, cottage cheese. Their products are so high-quality that the FDA has labeled them as human-grade, which means even we could eat it. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The general guide is that when she’s at peak lactation, it’s wise to feed her 25% more food for every puppy in her litter to help keep her at a healthy weight range. Venison is a very nutrient-dense source of animal protein that also contains essential amino acids to ensure optimal development. Most vets will carry out blood tests on breeding females prior to breeding to determine whether the female is healthy and has been on a good quality food diet so her nutrition levels are good. While it’s not a product marketed specifically for pregnant dogs, it checks all the boxes for excellent dog food for pregnant Pomeranians. They make sure they use the most nutrient-dense sources of the animals when making their dog food, including meat, organs, cartilage, and soft bone. Most dams stop eating approx. What can I do to boost her production of milk? Wellness is another pioneer in holistic pet nutrition. She may decide to eat more food to get enough nutrition but this may cause seriously bad diarrhea. Find breeders of Pomeranians. Supplements. I’m excited to present this product since it’s become quite popular among dog owners. To help maintain the ideal weight after she has given birth when she needs to make enough amounts of colostrum and milk to help her puppies grow until weaning time. These cookies do not store any personal information. Foods to Avoid. When Should You Commence Pomeranian Puppy Training? 1. If you and your vet believe your female dog will be a viable candidate for breeding, a thorough examination should be carried out to determine if she’s fit and healthy. Their Appalachian Valley dog food is a protein-rich diet specifically made for small breeds like the Pomeranian. Taste of the Wild High Protein Real Meat Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food with Roasted… You must encourage her to drink more water and/or ice to avoid dehydration, labor problems, weakness and low quality milk. For dogs of all life stages; Natural source of nutrients; High in protein from fresh, or raw meat sources, Contains (1) 26 pound bag of dry dog food; Grain-free, limited ingredient diet with a single animal protein source, Packaging may vary; Real beef, chicken or ocean whitefish is the #1 ingredient; Grain- and gluten-free recipes you want for your dog. Even though the Pomeranian may be small, these little dogs have big personalities and they are not afraid to stand up for themselves against larger dogs. Without a proper diet consisting of high-quality dog food, both the mom and her pups could become malnourished. The best food for pregnant Pomeranians is going to be high in calories and nutrient-dense. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I would ask another question to get people's opinion on the best quality food, and mention that you have a pregnant Pom. She needs to be weighed as that helps in the overall evaluation of her health. BLUE Buffalo Freedom Dog Food is made with real chicken, flaxseeds, sweet potato, carrots, blueberries, and cranberries. There are many recipes online. Ensuring a female dog is being fed high quality and enough quantities of all necessary nutrients is something that can’t be over-emphasized in any way. It’s critical to maintain a high level of nutritional balance through the last trimester and, as explained earlier, it means feeding her 2-3 times per day. This should start well before her estrous cycle and should include being fed the best nutritious foods available so litters she does produce are all in tip top shape when born. Knowing that your pregnant Pomeranian is going to give birth to a set of Pomeranian puppies can be a joyous feeling.

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