d. Rs. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. Then, we will move to section c where you can test your knowledge on pie chart. Therefore, Agriculture/Dairy = 60/12 = 5/1 which is 5:1. 1. 2:5 200mn. 4. The given pie chart shows the marks scored by a student in different subjects- English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science in an examination. Out of the given combinations, only in combination (a) the difference is 10% i.e. A. 67%             2. Binding Cost – Promotion Cost = (20% – 10%) of the total expenditure. 15mn. Copyright © 2019 Sawaal.com | All Rights Reserved, Quantitative Aptitude - Data Interpretation. a. If the total investment flows from FII's were to be doubled in the next year and the investment flows from all other sources had remained constant at their existing levels for this year, then what would be the proportion of FII investment in the total investment into India Bonds next year (in US $ millions) ? This Pie Chart DI Data Interpretation Pdf we are Providing is free to download. 77%             5. 1: 4 × $5880 = $1470 a. Rs.13000     4. 3.What is the ratio of tax paid by Company A to that by Company B ? Rs.14000     2. Now, draw a circle. p. 3. 34:37           3. So, let us start the learning now on basically how to frame a pie chart with the figures provided and how to solve problems in identifying the figures with the help of pie charts. This visual information may be presented as pie charts. 6400     4. Search for: That’s end of Pie chart questions and answers. 30 1,20,00,000 how muchwas spent on basketball, View Answer If their value is doubled and all other investments are kept constant then their new value would be 66 out of 133 = approximately equal to 50%. 3. Pie Chart Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams Direction (Questions 1 to 5): The circle-graph given here shows the spending of a country on various sports during a particular year. 5.The expenditure on Machine and Electricity of Company B is what per cent more than that on the same item of Company A? 40 per kg, orange Rs.20 per kg, Other fruits Rs.15 per kg and Guava Rs. We are told that he has 12 hours of leisure time in total and that this is represented by a 60\degree slice of the pie chart. c. Rs. Rs.16000     3. a. Also, investment by offshore funds and NRI's is equal to 27%. Q03. 80%, Explanation : Expenditure of Company B = 60 lakh, Income of Company B = 60×180100= 108 lakh = 1 crore 8 lakh, Income of Company A  = 10800000×45 = Rs. Pie Charts RS Aggarwal Class 6 Solutions Ex 23B Q01. 1. Binding Cost and Promotion Cost a. Rs. The below piechart represents the student mark grades in math test. Example 1. The pie chart shows the results of that survey. How many degrees should be there in the central angle, in corporate sector as per the pie chart? a. Rs. Previous Drawing Pie Charts Practice Questions. RS Aggarwal Class 8 Solutions Ch 23 Pie Charts. Since we know that there are 360\degree in a circle, then the proportion of the time that Oliver spends playing golf can be expressed as follows: 50 kg. d. Paper Cost and Printing Cost, Central angle of 36° = [36/360] x 100  % of the total expenditure, = 10% of the total expenditure. In Academic Task 1 of the Writing module, you are expected to write a short descriptive report based on visual information or data. a. Rs. 18% Analyse the pie chart and answer the questions which follow. 16mn were spent on Electricity, what would have been the total expenses in that year in million? 84%             3. Total Emoluments = 4500+ 10% of 4500 = Rs. = Rs. Since budget expenditure is proportional to % of area covered, ratio of agriculture to dairy expenditure would be ratio of corresponding % allocations. 4950= Rs.495 Next Stem and Leaf Practice Questions. 8640000, Therefore, Required differeence = 10800000 - 8640000 = Rs.2160000, Explanation :  Total expenditure on the employees of company A = 5000000×28100 = Rs.1400000, Average Salary of the employees  = 1400000100 = Rs.14000, Explanation : Tax paid by Company A : Tax paid by Company B, Explanation : Difference = 6000000×34100-5000000×28100, Explanation :  Expenditure on Machine and Electricity of Company B = 6000000×18100 = Rs.1080000 = 10.8 lakh, Expenditure on Machine and Electricity of Company A = 5000000×12100 = Rs.600000 = 6 lakh, Therefore, Required % = 1080000-600000600000×100  % = 4860×100% = 80%. a) Find the sum of money collected by the games stall. A sum of amount of Rs.8695 crores is obtained by NHAI as External Assistance, how much percent (approximately) should it increase the Market Borrowing to manage for the lack of funds? c. Rs. b. Rs. If for an edition of the book, the cost of paper is Rs. The following pie charts show the monthly expenditure of two families on various items. a. Q4. The below piechart represents the student mark grades in math test. Number of students who scored grade B = 10, Percentage of students who scored grade B = (Number of students who scored grade B / Total number of students) * 100. Previous Line Graphs Practice Questions. The pie chart below depicts the amount of subscriptions generated for India Bonds from various categories of investors. The first thing we need to work out in this question is the amount of time that Oliver spends playing golf. Get A Copy Of This Graph Into Your Post. If the value of the market share of BOI is Rs. 1,279 Candidates enrolled from institutes Q and R together   = [(15% + 10%) of 8550] = 25% of 8550. 220%         3. Question: Construct A Pie Chart Representing The Given Data Set. Now, 10% of 300 is => 30, What percent of the students who failed the exam would have had to pass it, in order for percent of students passing the exam to be at least 75% out of 500? = Rs. Rs. 5511 crores. 182%         4. GCSE Revision Cards. = Rs. Q9. Now, we will see some pie chart questions and answers. Click here for Answers . 5-a-day Workbooks. Calculate the percentage of students who scored B grade 30 kg         5. c. Rs. How many million did the Tamilnadu government spend on roads? The pie chart below shows the percentages of blood types for a group of 200 people. = 29.4%eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'tutorialwing_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_6',119,'0','0'])); The following table shows the numbers of hours spent by a child on different events on a working day. b. A. a. Rs. Assuming that the total marks obtained for the examination are 540 , answer the question, The subject in which the student scored 105 marks is. Mathster; Corbett Maths 11%                C. 44%                D. 22%. With reference to the pie chart above, answer the questions below: NHAI project funds about 20% are to be arranged through: a. SPVS Explanation -  Investment other than NRI and corporate houses is 33% = 335000. Pie Chart Questions With Solutions – Data Interpretation. Select the questionnaire table, and click Insert > PivotChart (or PivotTable) > PivotChart. The pie chart drawn below shows below the spendings of a country on various sports during a particular year. Practice online quiz, fully solved examples with detailed answers. Hence expenditure of Company B is 80% more than Company A. 14:17           C. 6:11             D. 9:17, Explanation - Required percentage=9% of 57008% of 8550×100 % =  9×57008×8550×100 % = 75%. 20%           2. Rs.15500. 40 Kg         2. c. 30450 Workspace b. Rs. 2º From the given chart, it is clear that: Study the graph carefully and answer the question given below it. Represent the adjoining information on a pie chart with the percentage of hrs spent in each activity. 8640, Therefore, Required Ratio = 8640 : 6780 : 4800  = 9 : 8 : 5, Explanation : Quantity of Mango at Shop B = 1000×24100 = 240 kg, Quantity of Mango at Shop A =1200×24100 = 288 kg, Therefore, Req % = 288×100240 = 120% of the quantity of Mango at Shop A, Explanation : Cost of total fruits at Shop A = Cost of Mango + Cost of Apple + Cost of Guava + Cost of orange + Cost of other fruits, =1200×24100×30 + 1200×16100×40 + 1200×10100×18 + 1200×20100×20 + 1200×30100×15, =1000×24100×30 + 1000×14100×40 + 1000×16100×18 + 1000×20100×20 + 1000×26100×15, Therefore, Req.difference = 28680 - 23580 = Rs.5100, Explanation: Quantity of Orange at Shop A = 1200×20100 = 240 kg, Quantity of Apple at Shop B =1000×14100 = 140 kg. 5800 In Tamilnadu, total expenditure of Rs. b. 1. DIRECTIONS for questions 1-5: Refer to the pie chart given below and answer the questions that follow. Our printable pie graph (circle graph) worksheets consist of interpreting data in whole numbers, fractions and percentage; representing data in fractions or percent; drawing a pie diagram and more. 4950 Rs.6400000       3. c. Rs. 24,363 cr       C. 25,423 cr       D. 25,643 cr. Highest of these is 86.67% corresponding to institute R. Explanation - Required difference = [(16% + 18%) of 5700] - [(8% + 10%) of 8550]. 48200, Provident Fund per month = 12% of 30000 = (12 / 100) * 30000 = 3600, If the total monthly income of the family is Rs. You can use Next Quiz button to check new set of questions in the quiz. 5010 crores + Rs. Expenditure on roads = 10% = 10/100 × 150 = Rs. 11882 crores which is approximately, Rs. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced), NEET, Engineering and Medical entrance exams. b. Rs. Q5. 171.42%, Explanation :  Quantity of Guava at Shop A = 1200×10100 = 120 kg, Quantity of Guava at Shop B = 1000×16100= 160 kg, Therefore, Required difference = 160 - 120 = 40 kg, Explanation : Cost of Mango at Shop A = 30×1200×24100= Rs. How do you represent the given information as a piechart? Solution to Example 1: a) 19% × 200 = 19 × 200 / 100 = 38 people A. c. Annuity Study the following pie-charts to answer the following questions : The pie-charts show the expenditure of two companies A and B, Which are Rs.50 lakh and Rs.60 lakh respectively. What percentage of the total investment is coming from FII's and NRI's ? Art of Problem Solving's Richard Rusczyk tackles problems involving bar charts and pie charts.Love math? “Pie Chart DI Data Interpretation Questions PDF” In this post we are providing you the Pie Chart DI Data Interpretation pdf with detailed solution & Short Tricks. Market Borrowing is corresponding to what degree of central angle Pie Graphs, or circle graphs/charts are a math concept that fits perfectly well with the Singaporean math concept as it integrates several different math concepts. 3 : 7 : 8      4. Visit now! 1237.5 The piechart is divided into sectors, where each sector shows the relative size of each value. Q6. A. (20% of 59410) crores Explanation - Candidates passed from institutes Q and R together    =  [(13% + 17%) of 5700] = 30% of 57000. In this post, we will be learning about Pie chart questions and answers. b. 11966 crores. The following pie chart shows the amount of subscriptions generated for India Bonds from different categories of investors. Therefore, Req % = 240×100140 = 171.42% more than the quantity of Apple at Shop B. c. Binding Cost and Printing Cost Amount permitted =  (Funds required from Toll for project) +  (10% of these funds) If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button. What is the medical and miscellaneous expenditure per annum (in Rs)? 25180 crore Pie charts are mostly useful in real time when there is a census taken and to show case clearly how many people of different languages are there in a particular region, Office presentations to showcase company growth and profits, student marks, interests, and much more. 1138 Question: 1. If the price of Mango is Rs.30 per kg, Apple Rs. You can also create a pie chart for the YES/NO answers with a pivot chart in Excel. 274,100         B. Rs.15000     5. 35 kg         4. A. Q                  B. R                  C. V                  D. T. 3. of failed students    = 500 – 375  = 125, Thus for the passing rate to have been at least 75%, no more than 125 students, which is 25% of 500. The quantity of Mango at Shop B is what per cent of the quantity of Mango at Shop A ? 4,500 per month basic, plus 10% as transport and meals allowance on the monthly salary. = (10 / 34) * 100 1237.5 Now the pie chart for all YES/NO answers is created. Section B – This section contains some examples that demonstrates how to build and solve questions on Pie charts using short tricks, formulas shown in section A. The size of each pie slice shows the relative quantity of the data it represents. 5427 crores. The pie-chart below depicts the sources of funds to be collected by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for its project. 30000 120%         4. D% = 10% c. 3:9 180%. In a pie chart, the arc length of each slice (and consequently its central angle and area), is proportional to the quantity it represents. c. Rs. Explanation -  FII's currently account for 33 out of 100. 9:11             B. Pie Chart DI Short Tricks Question PDF : Pie Chart DI Short Tricks based question is one of the most important topic that comes under Banking (IBPS, SBI, RBI, SEBI, NABARD, LIC), SSC (CGL, CHSL, MTS, CPO, SI, JE), Railway (RRB NTPC, Grade D, ALP, JE, TC), Defence (UPSC CDS/NDA/NA, Police, Army, Navy, Airforce) & Teaching … The Essay Structure for Pie Charts IELTS Questions. Let the amount of Royalty to be paid for these books be Rs. Pie Chart - Reasoning Questions and Answers with solutions or explanation for interview, entrance tests and competitive exams. Percentage of hrs spent in Study = (3 / 24) * 100 = 12.5 % 2. All Chapter-24 Pie Charts Exercise Questions with Solutions to help you to revise complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Percentage of hrs spent in Playing = (2 / 24) * 100 = 8.33 % Rs.5100     5. For More Resources Report Error 820 d. 7º, Market Borrowing corresponding Central angle = [(30152/59410) x 360°] = 182.7°, The approximate ratio of funds arranged through Toll and through Market Borrowing is: 161.52%     2. 216 degrees Which institute has the highest percentage of candidates passed to the candidates enrolled? Discuss. 30000, The house rent per month is: Then, we will move to section c where you can test your knowledge on pie chart. Expenditure on deductions towards PF expenses= 10% = 10/100*4950= Rs.495 What is the ratio of candidates passed to the candidates enrolled from institute P? Study the pie - chart carefully to answer the questions below : The Pie chart shows the percentage quantity of fruits at two fruit shops A and B. d. 120 degrees, If the investment by NRI’s are Rs 5000 crore, then the investments by corporate houses and FII’s together is: A Pie Chart (or Pie Graph) is an exclusive chart that uses “pie slices” to show relative sizes of data. Contents. ⇒ Total on both = 742.5+ 495= Rs.1237.5. 1. The pdf worksheets cater to the requirements of students in grade 4 through grade 7. Next Reading Pie Charts Practice Questions. What percentage of candidates passed the Exam from institute T out of the total number of candidates enrolled from the same institute? What is the total amount per month the family spends on house rent and deductions towards PF expenses? Rs.5900000       4. Where to start from?eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tutorialwing_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',124,'0','0'])); We recommend to go through section A, then section B, then section C. Even if you are familiar with this topic, do not just skip section A and section B. 60250, then find the promotion cost for this edition. Percentage increase = [ (3271/30152)x 100] % = 10.84% ~ 11%. Learn more at http://bit.ly/ArtofProblemSolving c) How many people, in this group, have blood types A or B? 80%             C. 74%             D. 65%. 2. How to use Pie Charts or Circle graphs or Pie Graphs to represent data, how to construct or circle graphs or pie charts, how to find the angle of a circle graph, How to construct a circle graph or pie chart from a table of percentages or fractions, with video lessons, examples and step-by-step solutions. 7. The pie-chart below shows the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book. With the analysis of previous exams, We get5 questions are very easy,5 to 10 questions are moderate and 5 to 10 questions in High level or Time-Consuming. Click here for Answers . Pie charts are circular charts divided into sectors or ‘pie slices’, usually illustrating percentages. Circuit And Packet Switching Tutorial With Example, What is Polling in Computer Networks With Example, Error Detection Using Parity Check With Example, Banker’s Discount Problems, Formula And Solution, IP Header Protocol Structure With Example, Process Synchronization in Operating System, Multiple Bar Graph Problems And Solutions, Inter Process Communication In Operating System, Introduction to Threads in Operating System, Section A – This section contains important formulas, short tricks, concepts on Pie charts. 1.If the incomes of Company A and B are in the ratio of 4:5 and the income of Company B is 180% of its expenditure,then what is the difference between the income of Company B and the income of Company A ? Practice Questions; Post navigation. 8 = (Electricity expenditure/Total expenditure) × 100 (10% of 5010) crores c. Rs. Whether you want a homework, some cover work, or a lovely bit of extra practise, this is the place for you. Percentage of hrs spent in Sleep = (8 / 24) * 100 = 33.33 % c. 15 d. Rs. 5. a. X pays 25% of the total earnings = 25% of 4950 = Rs. 27,125. 31:27           5. Next, colour the sectors and add title to each sector. What is the difference between the quantity of Guava at Shop B and that at Shop A ? In the corporate sector, approximately how many degrees should be there in the central angle ? The total monthly expenditures of Family A is Rs. Study the diagram and answer the following questions. So, the calculation would be. 3271 crores. 30000, The total amount spent by the family on food and entertainment monthly is: 1. 4000 crores, then the market share of BOB and Axis bank together is: A. b. 3. Section C – Go to this section to solve some MCQs on Pie charts. External Assistance You should practice these Pie Chart Problems Solutions to get good marks in your competitive exams with Pie Chart Definition. d. 27930 crore, So, the investments by Corporate homes + FII = (70 / 10) * 5000. d. Rs. And best of all they all (well, most!) 62.5%           C. 75%             D. 80%. Paper Cost and Transportation Cost 8 = (16/Total expenditure) × 100 210 degrees What is the percentage of candidates passed to the candidates enrolled for institutes Q and R together? Rs.7200     2. This is the way we draw a pie chart. 18 per kg for both Shop A and B, then what is the difference between the cost of all fruits at Shop A and that at Shop B ? Total Exp = 100 × (16/8) = Rs. a. Rs. 20 2.If the number of employees in Company A is a hundred then what is the average salary of the employees in Company A ? a. What is the ratio of expenditure on agriculture to that on dairy? Section B: (Examples) Go through pie chart questions in this section one by one. Answer these questions based on the following pie charts: How many degrees approximately should be there in the central angle of the sector for agriculture expenditure? 24,000 cr       B. Follow the piechart below to answer the question, The publisher has to pay Rs.40600 as printing cost, for certain quantity of books. 45 kg         3. Directions : Study the following pie charts carefully and answer the questions given beside. b. Rs. 5829 crores 1,108 5010 crores? 24,100 We first need to calculate the degree for each of the flavor like the below: With the angles calculated as above, Pie chart for the favourite flavours of children is drawn below: In this section, we will see different questions and answers on Pie chart (with short tricks, if available). Free PDF download of RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter-24 Pie Charts solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on Vedantu.com. b. 43200 IELTS Pie Chart Details Last Updated: Thursday, 06 October 2016 17:30 Written by IELTS Mentor Hits: 158479 Report Error b. 1. d. Rs. IELTS Academic Writing task 1 uses the same structure for all tasks regardless if it is a pie chart, line graph, table, bar graph, or a mix of multiple charts. Discuss. Hence, the amount of royalty to be paid for these books will be? 33,650 10200, Total percentage spent on food and entertainment = 34%, So, total amount spent = (34 / 100) * 30000, 2. d. 33500. Primary Study Cards. See screenshot: a. Rs. 1 : 4 : 6      2. 965, Total Emoluments = 4500+ 10% of 4500 = Rs. So that you can easily get the logic of question. Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to Pie Charts. Expenditure per annum = Rs. Study the pie chart and answer the questions. 5. The two pie charts illustrate the contribution made by different industrial sectors in the Turkey’s … b. 3271 crores. Pie Chart Practice MCQ Questions and Answers from Data Interpretation Section. Required Percentage = 30% of 570025% of 8550×100 % = 80%, Explanation -  Required ratio =  18% of 570022% of 8550 = 6/11, View answer The numbers in the pie chart are the ratios. d. Rs.

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